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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 9.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.17/10
Customer service: 8.75/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.75/10
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LiftMode's Phenibut Powder

"I've been a user of LiftMode products for a couple years now. While I've dabbled in some other products, Phenibut is what I go to them for. Pretty much everything is usually on point, the shipping times, the packaging, and obviously, the most important, the product itself. I have quite a bit of experience with the substance, and live in a country where it's sold OTC in pharmacies. One would think, why go to an online retailer when there's pharmacy grade Phenibut access? Two reasons: The price (which is less than 1/10th), and the quality. As far as subjective effects go, I have not noticed a difference between the two. The same dose of pharmaceutical Phenibut gives me the same effects as LiftMode's Phenibut.

One thing I'd like to say is basically a necessity, is a scale. Sure you might have gotten good at eyeballing the product, but that's only order to order, because pretty much every single order I've received varied in consistency, some being chalky, clumpy powder, and others being tiny, tiny crystals. I'm assuming this is due to transportation and humidity, and in my experience, has not detracted from the actual quality. However if you were to scoop out the two different ones, while it may look exactly the same, I've seen more than 3x the difference in weight when using a scale.

That's about it, I've yet to be dissatisfied with a product I receive from http://www.liftmode.com.

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Energy Caps

"i love liftmode.com! i have ordered from them multiple times and the orders have been efficiently sent, neatly packaged, and of fine quality. i have really enjoyed using their phenibut, was intrigued by a sample of their Energy Caps they sent me, and decided to order a bottle.
They were moderately priced, arrived on time per usual, and i decided to try them the next morning. i took 1, as indicated until u can assess ur tolerance. One was nice, two brought up the energy and focus for sure, found that three at a time was too much, tho i would sometimes take a 3rd some days later on if needed. ive stuck to the only 4 days a week directions, i think if u overuse they loose their potency. i just balance with coffee on my off days, which is just fine. im glad i ordered them and will likely do so again. long live liftmode

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Good company but don't trust these reviews

"The company "buys" customer reviews by offering them a 20 dollar discount on their next order."

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Sleep Caps - Very Satisfied

"I recently tried Liftmode's Sleep Caps having never tried anything from Liftmode before. That said, I am no stranger to sleep supplements and have found that most natural products encourage me to try sleeping, yet none have pushed me into a state of sleep before. Sleep Caps impressed me in this regard. I have been taking this supplement for a few night's now and find that it consistently pushes me into a state of sleep unlike any other natural sleep stack or supplement.

Surprisingly, I also wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy. Morning grogginess has often accompanied many of the sleep aid's I've tried in the past. I am thoroughly pleased with this product, which can be found at https://liftmode.com. Shipping to Canada was also surprisingly fast, which was very much appreciated.

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Trusted Vendor

"Great customer service with these guys. My package was delayed for far too long (two weeks in tracking limbo) and I notified liftmode. These guys sent a reship the next day! No charge for shipping either! They didn't have to do that, it was the USPS fault, not theirs, but they did the classy thing and fixed the situation themselves. Product came soon after and was exactly as advertised. This is now the SECOND time they have done this for me, I blame the horrible USPS branch of Hawaii.

The product itself was Inositol. it's a pseudo-vitamin that has shown efficacy for the treatment of OCD, Anxiety, and to a lesser extent depression. Upon supplementation I found my anxiety was noticeably decreased and sleep improved. The effects it had is a testament to the purity and accuracy of their stock, and I would certainly recommend visiting liftmode (.) Com and trying out their other products.

Thanks Leo and Adrian!

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Always happy with Liftmode


This review is for Liftmode 'Phenibut HCL (Fine Crystals) - 200 Grams (7.05 Oz) - 99.5+% Pure' available hear --- http://www.liftmode.com .
The crystals are approximately the size of standard table salt crystals and are white and semi-transparent as I have come to expect, the crystals have a bitter taste. The effects are right on par with what I have come to expect from quality phenibut Hcl both potency and effect wise.

I have ben buying from Liftmode for years now, with good reason their products are always top-notch at decent prices. Their products all come with third party independent lab verification, which I don't put much stock into but its nice regardless. They also come in tub containers instead of plastic/mylar bags which I actually preffer as its eazyer to meter out small amounts without loss to static electricty.

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Liftmode Green Tea Extract FTW!

"I just wanted to give Liftmode's Green Tea Extract a big thumb's up as a pure source of EGCG that I swear by as part of my fat-burning I use on a daily basis, as well as pre-workout. I just cap it up along with some of my other herbs and supplement with it on a daily basis, and along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise I maintain a healthy body weight.
The good thing about Green Tea Extract is that it assists in the mobilization of fat without the extra jitteriness that other 'fat-burners' may cause, and Liftmode's quality can't be be. Combine that with the competitive pricing, quick shipping and awesome customer service from Leo and the gang, Liftmode has been my go-to source for years.

- K.C.

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Miracle experience

"This review is for F.A.A. Phenibut (5g sample) from http://www.liftmode.com .

Let me start with shipping/delivery. Surprisingly, it came much faster than expected even though I used the cheapest service. This is a big plus for any company because it shows that they are always on top of their game. I actually found Liftmode from other websites when looking for phenibut. Many companies market their phenibut as HCL which is not what I was looking for, but Liftmode made it easy and CHEAP to get f.a.a.. Was not expecting such a great price, especially for larger sized purchases.

The product itself came perfectly packaged in a sleek container. With it came a very informative certificate of analysis so you know exactly what you're getting. Not only does this show that Liftmodes cares, but it also makes buyers feel safer knowing everything about what they are receiving. Along with the certificate of analysis came the container of phenibut and a much-needed scoop. The phenibut is perfect looking with no imperfections AT ALL. All I can say is A+. Amazing product and company. WILL buy from again!

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Phenibut liftmode

"I have been ordering phenibut from liftmode.com since almost 2 years now, the product is great quality .
I always receive my order in less than 1 week witch is great, the customer service is more than good they reply really fast to answer your questions. If you are looking to buy phenibut or any product like that, liftmode is the right place to buy from .

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Liftmode Phenibut HCL

"This is a review for Phenibut HCL from liftmode.com

I purchased phenibut from liftmode not only because it's superior quality, but price, speed, communication.

The product is perfect. Comes with lab reports, so you know you're getting the real deal.
I personally use it for sleep and social situations but as stated on their product, it's not recommended to use every day..
It really helps with your anxiety and whatever mood you're in. It enhances your state of mind and pulls you out of anxiety or insomnia.

This is honestly the best and cleanest company I trust. Thanks

I will definitely purchase again and again.

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Customer Service Without Peer: Phenibut FAA

"Hi all,
I just wanted to take a time out to sing the praises of Liftmode as a company, and of their most prominent product, their highly pure Free Amino Acid Phenibut. With more and more brands trying to somehow reinvent the wheel, and conflicting reports of different levels of purity, I just felt the need to talk about these guys a bit.
The product, is, in a word, peerless. I can't remember ever trying any other brand that backs up the chemical integrity of their product with the type of standard lab information that Liftmode does. You know what you're getting, who you're getting it from, and when it was made. You know infinitesimal levels of chemical information, prepared for you, with every order (that goes double for all their other products as well). Having been a Liftmode customer for several years, I can personally vouch that their quality and availability has only gotten better. I also think you'll be hard pressed to find a more economically sound option.
On a customer service basis, Liftmode is about as good as humanly possible. I have emailed them multiple times with dosage and product questions, and have recieved prompt, reasoned, and thoughtful replies with 12 hours EVERY TIME.

Recently, I had a snafu that was, in the end, primarily my fault when attempting to order through this fine company. I was handled with the utmost care, and we got to the bottom of the situation in practically no time! They impress again and again.

In short: there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Helpful Cool



"I ordered two types of phenibut after reading about what it can do online. I got the sample sizes (5g) of the phenibut FAA (free amino acid), as well as the phenibut small HCL crystals. Ordering from liftmode.com has been a great experience and the product has been top quality. Usually with companies that I have dealt with, responding to them with an email will take a long time, not the case with liftmode. I asked a question about Amazon pay and I got an answer within just a few hours, something that I did not expect at all. They were kind, helpful and did everything that they could to answer my question, and were open to answering other questions as well. Their customer service is very good.

As for the product, it is also of very good quality. It was shipped and delivered in a timely manner. When I got this product, I was looking for something to help with my social anxiety as well as to help with my sleep. The phenibut did that and more. I had significantly reduced social anxiety and I slept like a rock that night. Maybe a downside is I slept too long! The packaging was high quality and it came with a percent composition of the product which was very nice, so that I could know exactly what was in the product itself. I will say that I will be ordering from liftmode again.

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Phenibut free acid

"I acquired two times 200g of Phenibut free acid, once 200g of Phenibut HCL from http://www.liftmode.com. In all cases, the delivery was extremely fast--from Illinois to Iowa the products in one day. The products always came in sealed plastic containers with ample product and security documentation. As far as I can judge, the product quality is close to analytical grade.

Communication with the company works extremely well. Emails are answered within one working day, mostly within few hours. Different to other companies, there's even a phone number to call for questions. I used this number once to ask for a reimbursement and got all the documentation emailed that was required to settle the issue with my bank.

Once I returned a (still sealed) container of L-theanine. As the Store Policies on https://liftmode.com/store-policy.html state, the return process went entirely smoothly; I think it was 20 days after the initial puchase.

In sum, http://www.liftmode.com is a very trustful company selling high-purity products and offering great customer care.


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Phenibut fine crystals 200g

"Liftmode has the best and the cheapest phenibut money can buy On this order that I received the Phenibut fine crystals 200g was perfect quality plus not to mention the free shipping It came to my house in less than two days that's very fast I prefer the fine crystals over the large crystals because they dissolve a lot faster in my opinion and they are much cheaper than the large crystals Liftmode also has the FAA version supposed to be the best but I don't really care for it in my opinion so I stick to what I like which is the HCL version of the phenibut I will only order this product from Liftmode they are simply the best I've checked around no other companies sell it cheaper and match liftmode's quality thanks Liftmode If I could give a higher rating than five stars I would"

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Great Products - Great Service

"I have been buying nootropics from Liftmode for about 4 years. I have tried other vendors but Liftmode's products are better, usually cheaper, and their customer service is the best. Very fast shipping!

Note that to see some of their products (phenibut) you must log into your account which is quite easy to set up at


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