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Product & services pricing 3.21/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.36/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.50/10
Customer service: 0.36/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.42/10
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"Don't order from this company!!!!! No customer service!!!!!"

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legit crackhead customer service

" trying to order something on my card kept repeating myself over and over again could not pull up my credit card account I had my account in front of me with the balance and try to argue with me that I didn't have anything on my credit card to use I have made three purchases in the last 3 days from this stupid company and each one I've had nothing but trouble and issues and customer service does not know English it's like they just don't understand anything and they tried to push the service fee on every month buyer beware stay away from these legit crackheads"

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Don’t order from this company. Clothing is really bad quality.

"Ordered 2 pair of cotton knit capris. When I got them, the seams were not even close to being straight ! Looked aweful ! Won’t return them, because they charge
$9.99 to return. I will keep them and wear them to clean my house. Would never wear them in public. Will never buy clothung from them ever again. My husband bought some knit pants from them a few years ago, & the first time we washed them, they came out with balls all over them. I thought maybe they had gotten better. No such luck. Never again.

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Defective product

"I ordered 2 bras for my Mom, both arrived with open seams! Haband wants me to pay $9.99 to return . They should replace or refund with no cost!"

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Defective product , No return

"Pants were defective , Haband wont accept a return ."

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I rarely receive what I order

"I have ordered three times from Haband over the last year. The first order was 4 pair of pants, 3 were ok but the 4th was 5 sizes too big, I didn't return the item because of the shipping. The second time I ordered 2 fitted tablecloths and received 2 flat tablecloths and I did return them with the promise that I would never order from them but I did. I ordered 2 pairs of casual pumps and received 2 pair of gym shoes. I returned that order and I am now waiting to the correct item. I hope I get it."

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False Advertising

"Placed an order and it had to be returned. It included free binoculars ( 20 x 50 ). Received (5 x50 ) binoculars in place of
( 20 x 50 ) Binoculars received were virtually disassembled with parts loose or missing. Binoculars were returned and I ask for the correct size. Again they sent me the wrong size. Now I'm told they are no longer available. I will notify
the BBB, The PA Consumer Affairs Office and the Attorney Generals Office of their False Advertising and let Haband provide
an answer.

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Poor quality and customer service

"I ordered sweat pants in size medium in black and navy. Navy fit fine but black though tagged as medium fit like a 3X.
Called customer service who apologized and said that there would be no return shipping fee of $9.99 (especially when the sweats were only $7.59) and they would send out a new pair sized properly. Still waiting for the new pair which was exactly what I originally ordered but lo and behold, they charged my credit card the $9. 99 return fee for the first mislabeled pair.
If you get their mailings, throw them away!

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"I placed an order on April 6 and now, 12 days later, the order has not been shipped. The customer service representatives were of no help. I called twice and both times they told me the order would ship the next day. That was not true. This is a company that does not even deserve one star!!"

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After many years, they let me down

"Been buying from Haband off and on for decades. Usually quite happy. Last month ordered online a few things found in the catalog and for the first time in ages, maybe forever, I asked for the free gift being offered in the catalog. It never came. Discovered after talking with customer service and a supervisor that the gift was only available by ordering out of the catalog, not online. Asked if it was possible to make an exception after many years as a satisfied customer. RESOUNDING NO. So, sorry Haband, you abandoned me. I guess it is time to try a competitor. "

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They don't even deserve 1 star

"I placed an order in November for Christmas, 4 pairs of jeans (2 blue and 2 grey same size) and a bathrobe. My husband finally tried everything on a month later and told me the grey pants were too long and the bathrobe was too small. The pants were supposed to be a medium 30" inseam so I measured the grey pants and they were 32" and I didn't feel like hemming them. I called the company and they were so apologetic. They said to send them back, I wanted to replace them with the blue jeans because they actually were the 30" inseam. Weeks later the same pants were returned with a paper saying I wasn't within the 90 day return policy. When I called no one said anything about 90 days. If the workmanship was any good they would have been the right length to start with! I had also told them about the bathrobe. I ordered a size "B" size and I looked at the size guide, it went up to 7xx so I figured it would fit a 2xx person, NOT. They were not understanding AT ALL and wouldn't do anything about it so I am stuck with an expensive bathrobe because Haband doesn't know how to properly label sizes and jeans that are too long because they don't know how to sew either! I told them to take me off their mailing list, I am never ordering from them again!
Their employees are so apologetic but you can tell they have been well trained or are reading off of a script because they don't help!!!!!!!!!!!! The Better Business Bureau should be notified and they will if I have any charges applied to my credit card for shipping. Really bad business.

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Stay Far Away From This Company

"I placed an order on 8 March 2018. It has now been 19 days since they took my money and still have not shipped my order. Them claim 6 - 8 days for shipping but somebody needs to teach them how to count!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I DEAL WITH COMPANY!!!!"

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CROOKS!!! Stay way from them..nothing but thieves!!!

"Return a pair of pants because they were the wrong size used the return slip they enclosed in the package then charge my charge card 9.99 without my authorization to pay for the return slip, when i told them to cancel my order keep the pants and just refund my money they would not. These people are CROOKS steer clear of them I should of read the reviews before getting messed up with these thieves!!!!"

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Poorest customer service

"My catalog says the t-shirts I wanted are $10.99 if you order 2 or more. I ordered 6 but could see that I had been charged for 7. I called the Order department and spoke with "Krystal" who could not determine why but suggested I hang up and call back for customer service and "Von" couldn't begin to help me if he didn't know size ordered, but I had given him the catalog number so he could pull it up and you can plainly see $10.99. I explained it and explained it to both of them but all they did was ask me questions as if I hadn't spoken to them at all. This website is awful. They don't speak English very well and they don't hear it at all. I asked to speak to a supervisor but could not because he/she was on another line. I kept the guy on the phone for a long time insisting and then he put me on hold for 10 minutes. He said he talked to his supervisor who would not speak to me unless I gave my name and "unhappy customer" didn't count. Sad business practices."

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Horrible Company

"I ordered shoes for my elderly grandfather on Jan. 10. The site stated they were on back order until Jan.11. Claimed to offer free shipping on your 1st order and the shoes were listed as being 25% off. I was informed I could only use one or the other at the time of payment. By Jan. 22, when I still hadn't received my order I contacted Haband and got a generic email response stating they were still on back order and would be notified when they shipped. I emailed again a few days later and was told they'd be in by the end of the month. I explained that my grandfather needed them ASAP because we live in WI and the soles of his shoes were cracked and for his safety with a walker couldn't wait any longer than that. End of the month came and STILL no order! Once again inquired and was now told that they're still on back order and expect to arrive in mid February and after that it would take approximately 8 more days for shipping time. Apparently they think 40-50 days is acceptable for their orders. It was a hassle to cancel, but fortunately I was able to. The customer service is dishonest and terrible. I will NEVER order from them again."

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